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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


From the editor's desk:

October can be a difficult time for children with food allergies.  I should know, I have two sons with food allergies...and with all the fall harvest parties, Halloween, etc., it can become a serious challenge.  "Why can't I eat that candy, or those cupcakes?"  It's hard to feel left out of the yummy fun.

A great gift for such a fun (but difficult) time is a good read like THE DAY I MET THE NUTS.  This book encourages children to face their dilemma, move forward with courage, and delight in all the yummy options that are still available.  Yes, there are many, many delicious foods to eat for us all, including treats, when we plan and do our research.

Spoil your child today with hugs, love, safe candy, and a good read!


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