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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spotlight on Follett Library Resources

We are happy to announce our books are now available through Follett Library Resources.  Follett Library Resources is the largest supplier of books, eBooks, and audiovisual materials to PreK-12 schools.  If you happen to be a teacher or librarian, you may already know about Follett.  If you don't know much about Follett, I'm here to share a bit about their history.

The Follet story began in 1873 at the home of C.M. Barnes in Wheaton, Illinois.  It was there that he started a small bookstore (I wonder if he dreamed of how big his business would grow?).  Barnes soon moved the store to Chicago, where he sold books to students and other stores.  As the business grew, employees were hired, including C. W. Follett who started as a stock clerk (and I wonder if Follett dared to  imagine that he would one day take over the business and own it?).  Eventually, Barnes passed away and his son moved to New York to launch another company with a gentleman named Noble (that's another story).  Follett purchased "the Barnes family’s ownership interest" and eventually owned the entire company (yes, big things do happen to stock clerks).

In the 1920's and 30's, Follett turned the business into a family affair by bringing on his sons to help out.  By 1940, Garth Follett founded the Follett Library Book Company (which later became Follett Library Resources). FLBC was created to specialize in K-12 schools.  In 1994, Follett Library Book Company became Follett Library Resources to reflect their ever-growing expansion of products and services.  The products Follett Library Resources offer are PreK-12 books, audiovisual materials, and electronic ordering with TITLEWAVE Internet.  Check them out and consider stocking your shelves with Story Pie Press' special books for kids!