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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Childhood Cancer Month

From the editor's desk:

This month is Childhood Cancer Month, a month that brings about awareness for those children who are fighting this challenging disease.

Samson's Tale, which will be available from Story Pie Press in early 2011, is an amazing story about a dog and his boy...a dog who loves his boy so much, he won't leave his side.  This boy, named Daniel, goes through all the seasons of changes that cancer brings about.  And his dog, Samson, is there to see him through it all, with licks, nuzzles, strength, love, and more.  These two best buds can get through anything together, even cancer.

In honor of Childhood Cancer Month, Story Pie Press would like to share a few "top secret" inside pictures of the book for you to preview.

Now just wait until you read this story called Samson's Tale, written by Carla Mooney and illustrated by Kathleen Spale


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