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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Story Pie Press

With long, loved visitors Christmas and winter practically at the door, Story Pie Press wants to wish you  a merry season filled with peace, love, and good books to bring to your hearth.  If you've just celebrated Hanukkah, hopefully you received a good book to read; a dear friend to visit again and again.  If you're about to celebrate Christmas, don't forget, books can be the best gifts to give and receive.

For those who have loved ones with food allergies, The Day I Met The Nuts is a the perfect gift, one that provides comfort (and a little humor).  And now that the holiday season is upon us, young ones with food allergies need to be reminded that they are not alone, as yummy treats seem to be greet them at every turn.  This makes the challenge that much more tricky.  All is not lost, however, as there are always safe options, and tasty ones at that.  And more important than food is the love and support of family and friends.  Always!  Remember, when you purchase a copy of The Day I Met The Nuts, 45% of the proceeds go to Dr. Robert Wood at Johns Hopkins in his efforts to find a cure for food allergies.  So, this is a gift that keeps giving...literally!

And don't forget in early 2011, our second release, Samson's Tale, will be available to the masses.  It's a beautiful book that brings to mind Thanksgiving, Valentine's, Christmas, and all the seasonal holidays that bring us hope, love, and joy. 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


From the editor's desk:

October can be a difficult time for children with food allergies.  I should know, I have two sons with food allergies...and with all the fall harvest parties, Halloween, etc., it can become a serious challenge.  "Why can't I eat that candy, or those cupcakes?"  It's hard to feel left out of the yummy fun.

A great gift for such a fun (but difficult) time is a good read like THE DAY I MET THE NUTS.  This book encourages children to face their dilemma, move forward with courage, and delight in all the yummy options that are still available.  Yes, there are many, many delicious foods to eat for us all, including treats, when we plan and do our research.

Spoil your child today with hugs, love, safe candy, and a good read!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Childhood Cancer Month

From the editor's desk:

This month is Childhood Cancer Month, a month that brings about awareness for those children who are fighting this challenging disease.

Samson's Tale, which will be available from Story Pie Press in early 2011, is an amazing story about a dog and his boy...a dog who loves his boy so much, he won't leave his side.  This boy, named Daniel, goes through all the seasons of changes that cancer brings about.  And his dog, Samson, is there to see him through it all, with licks, nuzzles, strength, love, and more.  These two best buds can get through anything together, even cancer.

In honor of Childhood Cancer Month, Story Pie Press would like to share a few "top secret" inside pictures of the book for you to preview.

Now just wait until you read this story called Samson's Tale, written by Carla Mooney and illustrated by Kathleen Spale


Monday, September 13, 2010

The Day I Met The Nuts Reviewed by Allergic Living Magazine

Allergic Living Magazine gave a fabulous review of The Day I Met The Nuts in their Fall 2010 issue under Page Turners.  Here are some highlights:

"...a captivating  book about a boy and the day of his first nut reaction.  The illustrations are delightful... A bonus: the publisher is contributing 45 per cent of the book's profits to food allergy research."
                                         ~Gwen Smith, Allergic Living

By the way, if you haven't checked out Allergic Living, you must.  It's a tremendous resource for people who have allergies or loved ones with allergies.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Earth Day Publishing is now Story Pie Press

No matter how you serve the story, if it's good, it's great!  Are you wondering what I'm talking about?  Well, here's the scoop... Earth Day Publishing is now Story Pie Press.  I'm actually liking our new company name even better than the old one, despite what brought us to the point of making a change.  To fill you in, a rather large organization wanted to fight us over our company name.  Instead of putting time and a great deal of money into battling it out, we decided to change our name and focus on publishing meaningful books.  After all, that's what we set off to do...create books for children...books that warm the heart and feed the soul delicious stories.  Who wants to fight?  Not me.  I'd rather bake stories.  Wouldn't you? 

Let us know your thoughts about the name change.  

Happy imagining, everyone!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moving the nest...

Lots going on these days.  I feel like a crazy mother bird.  My nest has been uprooted and I'm busy building our new nest (a long work in progress).  I'm also editing Story Pie Press' second book, and am in the middle of reading through focus group comments for our third book (TBD), all while dreaming of a day when I can start writing again.  It feels like it's been much too long.  It's an interesting balance...being an editor of a small publishing press and a writer.

My goal, before 2010 is over, is to finish one of these novels I've been building for years.  Finally.  All I'm asking for is one draft.  I can do it.  I can do it.  I CAN DO IT!  Isn't that what the fledgling says before it jumps out of the nest to fly?  Then it lands on a deck to sing a sweet song of success.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Successful Food Allergy Awareness Fundraiser for Dr. Robert Wood

May 16th was a beautiful day for fundraising. The music was cool and electric, the treats deeeeeelicious and allergy-friendly, and the breeze perfect. We had a nice turnout and raised over $1,200 for Dr. Robert Wood of Johns Hopkins in his efforts to find a cure for food allergies. Kids with food-allergies ROCK! You know why? Because they are brave! Brave and aware.  There was even a high school kid who purchased a copy of my picture book to show her teachers...teachers who should be supportive of food-allergy students, but are not yet.  See why kids of all ages with this disease need to be brave...brave, courageous, self-advocates?!  They are not alone, however.  Support is growing every day.

So thank you to all those who came out to celebrate awareness this May, and thank you to Loudoun Allergy Network for hosting the event.  We are all praying for a cure.

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week. I have been busy popping in for author's visits and getting ready for Loudoun Allergy Network's Food Allergy Awareness Event. Mark your calendar for this Sunday, May 16 from 12pm to 4pm at Lansdowne Town Center, outside of Go Bananas toy store. It's going to be worth your while, I promise!!!! And we are raising money for a most important cause, Dr. Robert Wood's research to find a cure for food allergies. He's busy, folks. Busy every day getting closer and closer to a cure. Help us by showing your support.

Hope to see you there!

Click on the title of this post to find out more about this event!



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Review of The Day I Met The Nuts (Click here to read the review)

Check out this great review The Day I Met The Nuts by Rhonda (a.k.a AllergyMom), founder of Allergy Sense . AllergyMom contacted me after reading my article, One Mother's Tale of Food Allergies, and then requested a copy of The Nuts to review. She is a mother of a food allergy child as well, and, as I mentionioned, the founder of Allergy Sense...a wonderful resource for people of all ages with food allergies.

Thank you, AllergyMom, for your thorough review, and for providing a great resource for us all!

Happy reading,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Day I Met The Nuts gives back

Hi, Folks!

This is to let you know the story on The Day I Met The Nuts has been written up on the John's Hopkins website. Story Pie Press gives 45% of the proceeds from every book sold to Dr. Robert Wood and his research to find a cure.

Go here to read all about it...